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Frequently Asked Questions

Calcium contained in the water which has evaporated away leaving the mineral deposits.
This is the oils from skin and suntan lotions.
No, the baking soda and salt mixture is specifically made for pools and the calcium removal process. This is the only product designed for the process of calcium removal. Glass beads were originally designed for graffiti removal and not to be used on delicate tiles or inside pools which consist of plastic and rubber internal parts.
We vacuum up the calcium from the pool floor along with the mineral used to clean the pool. The oil will remain on the water surface and in some cases attach itself back to the tiles. This can be removed by simply wiping the tiles with a soft cloth when it is noticed.
We use a water pressure sprayer at about 4000 psi and inject the salt and soda at the tip of the gun. The mixture of mineral and water at pressure makes this process the best cleaning process available.
It is certainly possible, If tiles are attached firmly like they should be then they will stay on. However, if moisture has developed behind the tiles and if there are other tiles which have fallen off we will likely knock off more. We view this situation as a good thing. This way the problem can be corrected right away and it is inexpensive to re-attach tiles to the pool side.
We have never found any as of yet. We will clean any surface and likely remove any buildup or attachment to any surface.
We have never had any problems with this condition. We actually do not lower the water level very much to do this process. Typically about 4 to 6 inches and the process of blasting introduces water back into the pool.
We are fully insured and you will receive a policy in your name during the week before we start the work. We usually have our insurance company send it directly to you by email.
No, most people are not home during the cleaning process.
Yes, and it is a easy mess to clean up. It consist of baking soda and salt blown around the decking area. We rinse down the whole area after we are done several times to ensure it is as clean as we can get it. The minerals are biodegradable and will not harm anything.
Usually about every 6 to 8 years
Immediately, However it will take about 12 hours for the pool to be clear again.