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Welcome to Tile Savers of Dallas frequently asked question and answer section about soda and salt blasting. These questions and answers are a way to help and inform you about the pool blasting process.

We hope you find them useful! If you don't find the answers to your pool tile cleaning questions below, please call Tile Savers of Dallas at 214.856.8476 and we will do our best to help you.

What's the white stuff at our waterline?

Dissolved minerals (Calcium) from hard water.  As the water laps upon the tile or Pebble Tec, the water evaporates and leaves behind calcium and other minerals.  Hence the ugly and unsightly “white line.”

I'm thinking of cleaning my pool tile line with pumice. Any advice?

Yes.  Don’t do it.  Cleaning with pumice takes a lot of time and effort.   Average swimming pools can take a few weekends.  Contrary to what your pool store may say, pumice does scratch the tiles surface.  We see this all the time.  It’s like looking down the side of a car with a bad wax job…. all you see are the swirls.

How does Tile Savers of Dallas Blasting Services Clean Pool Tile?

This technique again is much like water blasting, however the air pressure and the media are much different.  Kieserite - (Natural mined mineral salt often compared to Epsom) or Baking Soda is shot at 3700 psi.  When the material hits the surface it pops and this force is what frees the calcium from the pool tile’s surface.

Can Pebble Tec be cleaned as well?

Absolutely! Not only will blasting take a fraction of the amount of time that a pumice stone or brush will, it also does a better and more complete cleaning than any other media available for blasting Pebble Tec.

Do you have to drain the water from my swimming pool?

WE DO NOT EMPTY YOUR SWIMMING POOL! (This process can be performed year round!) Instead, we lower the water level to just below the calcium line (about 6”). This gives us enough room to be able to perform the pool tile cleaning and get great results. The water will be drained using one of our industrial grade pumps that will lead to a drain in your front yard or street, depending on your preference and city code.

How long does the Blasting Process take?

The calcium determines how fast we can go. The heavier the build up, the longer the process. Generally speaking an average pool with 1-4 years of build up will take about 3 hours from start to finish.

Won't the Baking Soda or Epsom salt make a mess in my swimming pool?

No. Baking Soda will turn to dust and Epsom salt will sink to the bottom of your pool during the pool blasting process. Once we're finished blasting, we use a portable suction device to vacuum the Epsom salt out of your pool. With our pool blasting methods, there's no mess!

Does Tile Savers of Dallas seal pool tile or coping?

Yes! We do offer a product manufactured by DuPont. 

How long will my pool tiles or Pebble Tec stay clean?

This really depends on how well you maintain your pool and the type of water you use. Typically, your swimming pool will benefit from a weekly maintenance program and a pool tile cleaning service every year.

Do I have to be home during the pool tile cleaning?

You do not have to be home during the pool tile cleaning process. All we need is access to your pool and a water source.

What about my kids? My pets?

Although the Baking Soda and Epsom salt are safe and environmentally friendly, we do ask that you keep people and pets away from the pool during the pool tile blasting process due to the nature of the equipment that we use for pool tile cleaning.

When will I be able to use my pool again?

You will be able to use your pool immediately after the pool tile cleaning process is complete. Feel free to jump right in!

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